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Going against the forces of time, always a fickle. Truth vanishes away with it's holder
All we have now is the leftover information, to dive back into who's been long dead, long gone
Shredded to bits, Crumbled in graves
Told us all, after time you will not be saved.
But his soul shines, and so it will provide,
A gleaming light, Sparkling like silvery
Gives us all one last hope
To re-ignite, the old mastery.


WASD/Arrow Keys - Movement
LMB - Rope Swing
RMB - Melee Attack
R - Restart Game (If you encounter any glitches)

Tip: Kill all the guards to get to the true ending.
Also If you get curious about what's going on in the world of the game, tweet/DM me @mehullsharma, and I'll be happy to explain. Writing this here because I've completely missed the mark on storytelling.

If you happen to encounter any glitches, I will feel deeply sorry for you, because I'm new to programming and nothing can be done about any glitches.

Also thanks a lot to Mridul Pancholi (mridulpancholi.itch.io). Without him this game would be a lot more buggy, and lot less fun.


One Last Hope 10 MB


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Hey I played all the games in the BYOG19 jam with a windows build. Your game was one of them! Check it out!